Back to School Book Haul, Part II

The last of my books have finally come in. These ones were ordered off Amazon. This still isn’t all the books on my reading lists, just the ones I bought. I was able to get some for free on my Kindle, and there were a few I already owned.

Bread Upon the Waters: A Governess’s Life by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

I’d never heard of this book until I came across it in a secondary reading for my independent study. I thought I’d add it to the schedule because I want to read some of Craik’s work and I want to look at the governess figure in Victorian literature. This was literally the only copy I could find anywhere. I couldn’t even find it for free on Project Gutenberg or something!

Hope Leslie, or Early Times in the Massachusetts by Catharine Sedgewick

This is for my American literature course. Can I just say how happy I am that the professor has put a good amount of women writers on this syllabus. I feel like 19th-century American courses always get overwhelmed with male authors. I’m not too familiar with Hope Leslie; I read a brief section of it while preparing for an exam. But I’m interested to be introduced to another 19th-century woman writer!

The Architecture of Country Houses by Andrew Jackson Downing

This is another book for my American literature course. We’re looking at national space, so of course houses will be a topic of discussion. I can’t say I think this will be the most interesting read. But the pictures are lovely! And it has a bunch of floor plans, which I can use for designing houses in The Sims 3. 😆

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