A Bookish Birthday, 2021

My 28th birthday was on Monday, which means more books! I’ve actually now put myself on a book buying ban since I still haven’t read all the ones I got from the last few gift-giving occasions. These are all from my parents and were picked from a list I gave them.

None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney

I actually talked about this in one of my TBR posts. I’ve heard such great things about this book, and I really enjoyed the kindle sample. I’m probably going to pick it up next. Set in the 1980s and featuring teenage serial killers, this sounds like it will definitely be my jam.

What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo

I also talked about this on a TBR post. What Big Teeth is a YA horror novel that promises scares and werewolves. And I am so about that. Also, the cover is amazing (and, according to my mom, weird and creepy).

These Violent Delights by Micah Nemerever

LGBT+ dark academia! Sign me up! I first learned about this book from a book shopping vlog one of my favorite BookTubers did. I was intrigued by the cover, looked it up, and immediately added it to my TBR. That BookTuber read it recently and loved it, so I’m even more excited to pick it up now!

Colette directed by Wash Westmoreland and Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig

And finally we have two book-related movies. I’ve wanted to see Colette since it came out, but I never got the chance. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am in love with Keira Knightley. I did see Little Women earlier this year. My in-laws have it, and I bullied my fiancé into watching it. It is such a lovely film, and I wanted my own copy. I can’t wait to rewatch it!

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