Organizing My Bookshelves, Part I

I’ve been busy moving into my new apartment, which is why I haven’t posted in a while. Moving sucks, if anyone is wondering. But it does me I get to completely redo my bookshelves!

I moved ten boxes of books into the new apartment. Yes, ten. And that’s not even all of my books. Roughly half my classics and almost all of my nonfiction are in my office on campus. This is what those ten boxes unpacked looked like.

This room is our home office, which is where most of our bookshelves are. But we do have three in the living room. One is for DVDs and my fiancé’s gaming things, and the other two are for me.

When my fiancé came in here while I was unpacking, he reacted with horror. “You know you have to put the books on the shelves, right?” He’s clearly a man that doesn’t understand organization. It has to look worse before it gets better!

Here are closer looks at each section so you can truly understand the chaos. My initial system was going to be: poetry and anthologies, nonfiction, graphic novels and manga, classics, Brontë books, Stephen King books, general fiction, adult fantasy, YA fantasy, fairy tales and retellings, and YA fiction. That’s roughly the order I have them organized in these pictures.

I gave up on that part way through and decided to combine the adult and YA fantasy, as you can see since The Name of the Wind is hanging out with all the Tamora Pierce books. I did choose to keep the fairy tales and retellings separate though. I really like the idea of having a separate section for them. I also decided to nix the Brontë section. Almost all of my Brontë nonfiction and about half of the actual novels are on campus, so it made more sense to just integrate them.

I did actually unhaul a lot of books before the move, and most of them were from my (non-fantasy) YA collection. I used to have a whole bookcase dedicated to them, and now they take up just over a single shelf. I knew I wasn’t going to read them again since I’ve been slowly moving away from the genre. They didn’t go far though. My mom decided she wanted to read some, so they’re all still at my parents’ house.

This is one of the shelves in the living room, and it’s my biggest one. Notice how empty it is? This is after all of my books were put on the shelves. The following conversation occurred between me and my fiancé. “Wow! Look at all this space. Do you know what that means???” “What?…No! No! No more books!”

I’ll be getting more books. 😁 😁 😁

But this isn’t the end of my organization journey. Notice that is the only “finished” shelf pictured. I decided that I hate how I have it. It’s not pretty enough. So I’m going to do this all over again. Stay tuned!

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